How to dry a Leather Holster?


After you have spent an arm and a leg to buy your beloved gun, of course you want to safeguard it and keep it shiny and secured by your side. A leather holster is just the right thing for you then. However, the most common question to cross your mind is how to dry leather holster you are having easily.

IWB leather holster is the ideal solution for you to keep your arms intact. It is perfectly cut and moulded to fit your weapon hence eliminates any chance of mishap pertaining to an ill-fitting holster. While ordinary leather holsters have poor securing mechanism exposing your arm to risks of unclasping or falling etc.,


IWB is a carefully designed leather holster that takes care of your gun excellently besides making you look stylish at the same time, when hooked on to your belt. You can easily find an IWB leather holster especially made for your gun’s model in a store near you or you can also order it online.

How to dry leather holster?

how-to-dry-leather-holsterFor centuries marksmen have spent a good part of their lives not just shooting but caring for their cherished leather holsters. But while your history books may narrate intriguing and detailed heroic tales of those brave men; they seldom include their secret tactics of reviving their wet and paunchy leather holsters after a mighty battle in sun and rain.

That is when you ask yourself how to dry a leather holster? Leave that part to us. In this article we will tell you about some great caring tips and do’s and don’ts concerning wet holsters:

1. Clean the holster thoroughly before it dries.

Do: If the holster has caught some mud or soil on its surface use a clean and damp cloth to clear the dirt. You can use a non-greasy cleaning solution as well to devoid its surface of any traces of soil. A mild glycerine soap and warm water works best with a soft cloth to clean the holster even in an otherwise situation to maintain it.

Don’t: Don’t dunk it in more water to clean it or use heavy and greasy cleaning mediums to remove the dirt. It will only cause the soil particles to settle even deeper and stain the leather permanently.

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2. Get off as much water as possible.

Do: Take paper or kitchen towels, ball them up and soak up the water. Stuff some dry paper towels in the holster and leave it as is for some time.

Don’t: Do not rub or use harsh towels to soak up the water. It will lead to the breakage of the fine fibres of which the leather is made up of and leave it brittle and husky.

3. Let it dry naturally.

Do: After soaking away excess water from the outer and the inner surface of the leather holster with paper towels, take them off and let it air dry naturally. Tilt it to a side so that the air can freely circulate within the holster chamber and dry the water off. This is a step is prominent in how to break in a leather holster article too.

Don’t: Do not put your leather holster in the oven or near a radiator. Don’t use a hair dryer either to dry it off completely. This will lead to warping of the leather and cause your holster to get out of shape. High heat can also cause the leather holster to become too dry and form cracks or even break and will cause it to fade.  You can use a ceiling or table fan though to speed up the drying process.

4. Reshape the holster.

Do: After the shoe has dried almost fully, gently pat it using a leather or cedar pad and remould it. You can also insert a solid object resembling the original shape of your holster and then leave it to dry off completely to restore its shape.

Don’t: Do not over tap it or keep heavy objects over it to reshape.

5. Condition it.

Do: Use light leather conditioning creams or oils after it has fully dried and its shape restored. This will seal the fibres of the leather and bring back the original sheen of the leather back.

Don’t: Don’t use too softening oils or creams like mink oil or it will lead to softening of the leather and let the holster loose its shape entirely.

Bottom Line

Although you may put a great deal of effort to care for your leather holster, sometimes-unfortunate rain drenching calls for your holster to get wet! Though it may seem to spell the ultimate doom for your damp holster, it isn’t really end of the world. Knowing how to dry a leather holster is sure to clear all your problems and keep your equipment in shape for long.

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