How To Break In A Leather Holster?


Now that you have spent a fortune buying that gun, it is time for you to grab a holster that keeps it safe and shinning. Generally, Holsters come for free with guns but the new age shopkeepers avoid giving freebies. Get yourself an iwb leather holster from online shops or go around looking for it in local market.


Why do you need an iwb leather holster?

It is indispensable for you to buy a holster that is manufactured specifically for your Gun. Buying Holsters manufactured for other models will only put your gun at risk. Clasps will fail to lock properly, which might lead to scratch or unprecedented falling. These are small little things you need to keep in mind.

Holsters are designed to facilitate easier transportation of guns from one place to another. People can tug it on their belts using clasps and belt holders. Holsters protect guns from unwanted scratch and also protect the original shine. People spend thousands of dollars just for a holster that looks great and has an incomparable shine.

Manufacturers and Designers have started designing and manufacturing Holsters that suits the need of stylish people. The contemporary market is flooded with holsters that can help people cast a unique style statement.iwb-leather-holster

Well, everything from manufacturing quality to incomparable shine is Ok but letting the gun slip in the holster with great ease is the most difficult task. The iwb leather holsters are generally tight, which prevents easier entry of guns into them. One needs to do a few things in order to accommodate the gun properly into the Holster.

The tightness is actually a good thing; it protects the gun from slipping and falling. Holsters with clasp have an added advantage but the ones with no clasps are equally good when it comes to holding guns tightly.

Over the time, people have tried and discovered methods that simplify breaking a leather holster problems. Here’s how one can easily break in an iwb leather holster:

Waxed Paper Method: This method is quite simple and can be performed at home.

waxed-paperOne needs a gun, holster and waxed paper to faciliate easier break in through this method. Waxed Paper is a thin paper with a layer of wax spread over it. It can be acquired from a local market.

Waxed paper is generally used in manufacturing industries and machineries. People use waxed paper in houses for faciliating tasks that requires lubrication.

Here’s How to Break in a Leather Holster:

Step 1: Tear out a big sized Waxed Paper from the roll.

Step 2:Cover the gun the with the Waxed Paper.

Step 3: Ensure that the waxed side of paper is not rolled over the gun. Waxed side of the paper is supposed to go inside the Leather Holster.

Step 4: Now that the paper is rolled properly over the gun. Try to push the gun inside the Leather Hoslter.

Step 5: Be slow at the beginning. Try to insert the gun half and pull it out.

Step 6: First few pushes and pulls are meant to lubricate the leather and prepare it for expansion. Do not rush in, it might tear up the leather.

Step 7: Pull the gun out and keep pushing it in gently. Repeat the steps till the shape of Leather Holster starts to change.

Step 8: Repeat the push in technique with gaps. Do not hurry in. Push it gently and ensure that the shape of the Leather Holster is changing.


Things to avoid when using Waxed Paper for break in a leather Holster:

Rigorous movement: If you continue to push your gun rigorously then the holster will get out of shape and will not be able to hold gun with a proper grip.

Slow motion: One needs to be slow when pushing the gun wrapped in a waxed paper. Faster motions can deform the leather holster and also tear up the leather.

Ensure that the waxed side of paper goes in the leather. The wax will be used for lubricating leather, which will lead to expansion of leather holster.

Waxed Paper is one of the best methods for break in iwb leather holster. The quality leather needs to be lubricated first and then rubbed enough to get into the shape of available gun.

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