5 Step to wear an iwb holster?


iwb-holsterYou have to be very careful while carrying firearms and IWB holsters assure you that safety. Especially if you are a beginner at concealed firearm carriage, you definitely need to learn how to wear IWB holster. A holster facilitates you in a way that it provides comfortable concealed space to carry your gun.

Important Thing to Know About Holsters

It’s not just concealing of your gun. Holsters should cover your trigger guard. It keeps from any uncalled for accident. Other than that, your gun is well protected and the finish of your firearm. Most importantly, it should be comfortable so that you face no problem wearing it.

The Problem with Holsters

Seasoned holster keepers will know how important the comfort level is. If you are uncomfortable wearing it, you will most probably give up on wearing the holster. This is why, it’s important to learn how to wear a holster. We will particularly focus on IWB holsters as they are most widely used ones.


IWB Holsters

Inside WaistBand holsters are designed to fit between your body and the pants. These are compact sized and really comfortable to carry. As the name suggests, you wear these holsters around your waist. The gun is secured in a way that the barrel is completely covered while the grip stays outside. This is for easy emergency access to the gun while ensuring safety from accidental firing.

Holster Materials

You can find holsters in different materials. Normally, leather holsters are preferred because of their comfortable fit(You can see How to Break in a Leather Holster? by click here.).Other than leather, plastic holsters are also manufactured by many companies.

Important: Wearing IWB Holsters

It’s quite a simple process wearing an IWB holster. Depending on the type of holsters, the method can be somewhat different but we will discuss about the general procedure applicable on all types of IWB holsters.

As these holsters fit between your body and waistband, you will need to ensure that you are wearing tight enough pants to hold the holster in position. Once you have done that, here is the procedure you may follow.

learn-to-wear-iwb-holster Source: Aliengearholsters.com

Step 1: Fit your gun inside the holster with the barrel well secured and covered. For safety reasons, ensure that the gun is unloaded.

Step 2: Unbutton your pants to loosen the waistband.

Step 3: Place the holster on either side of your waist with the grip sticking out above your waistband.

Step 4: You can place the holster either on the front or the rear part depending on your feasibility.

Step 5: Once place the holster, button your pants and ensure that the holster is tightly secured.

Source: AlienGear Holsters

Tuckable Holsters

One of the more convenient options is to wear tuckable IWB holsters. For instance, you might feel your holster not staying in place as you move because there is no strapping to hold it in position. Or maybe your pants are a little loose to hold the holster in position.

To counter this problem, tuckable holsters have clips that tuck right into your waistband. Hence, you your holsters tuck in and won’t move because of this fixing. Therefore, tuckable holsters are a great option especially if you move much.


IWB holsters are secure, comfortable and easy to wear. They provide better safety and don’t appear too bulky. Hence you will be able to maintain your looks and body shape somewhat while ensuring the security for yourself and your loved ones.

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